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44 Fresh Cut Fruit Stalls at Shilin Night Market fined before Lunar New Year of 2019

Due to a few allegations about fruit vendors overcharging visitors in recent years, Taipei City Government has launched an inspection on fresh cut fruit stalls at Shilin Night Market prior to lunar new year festival of 2019. A total of 44 stall vendors were fined in January of 2019, including 42 by Taipei City Police Department and the other 2 by the Department of Environmental Protection, collectively amounting to NT$52,800.
From January 9, 2018 to January 30, 2019, according to Taipei City Market Administration Office("MAO"), 834 fruit stalls were inspected, among which 87 stall vendors were not abiding by the "Four Steps for Buying Fruits" policy, 144 violated Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act resulting in NT$172,800 worth of fines, 3 were fined amounting to NT$3,600 for violation of Waste Disposal Act, 77 were demanded improvement by the Department of Environment Protection for filthy environment, 237 were demanded improvement by the Department of Health for poor hygienic conditions and 3 were issued written warnings, and 42 were requested by Consumer Protection Officers to improve for unclear pricing.
The Department of Legal Affairs stressed that, in order to reduce potential consumer disputes and to uphold Shilin Night Market’s image, the City Government will endeavor to prevent fruit stall vendors from overpricing, to keep on inspecting fresh cut fruit stalls at irregular intervals on their sanitary and hygienic conditions, and to require all stall vendors to display the price clearly and conspicuously, conduct transactions without coercion, use electronic scales verified by Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, and post the bilingual "Four Steps for Buying Fruits" and the Consumer Protection Hotline number stickers.
In case of coercive transactions, MAO advised consumers to refuse transactions and to report the name and location of stalls at the consumer service hotline "1950" for further assistance.